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is FLAWED! Durham, MacShane, Hiney, et alii, were a bit OFF!
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A request from my daughter led to a history project about "my" Los Angeles. I'm a second generation native Californian and Angeleno. I wanted my grandson Cole to know Los Angeles the way I know it: The whole crazy diverse melting pot that was, is and will always be Los Angeles - even if it comes to a dead halt from too many people and cars, you can't see any of it through the smog and the tears there from, or a MEGA quake reduces it to a 400 square mile pile of rubble! 

The secondary purpose was to have a web site for Raymond Chandler fans not living in Los Angeles, or those living in the Los Angeles metropolitan area not familiar with their city, to get a flavor of the "Los Angeles" Raymond Chandler lived, worked and roamed in from 1912 to 1946. That goal was met with one email!

On June 4, 2007 I received an email from Arnfinn Rong of Norway who wrote in part, "Words can not express my gratitude for your thoroughly research and detailed lay-out with pictures and everything of any angle a Chandlerisque writer or just a die-hard Chandler fan could dream of .... Anyway, you have made a dream come through for me by providing me with all these wonderful pictures. I used to sit at Google Earth and look up the Drexel residence, the 6500 Camino de la Costa and so forth (not to mention the place of Chandler Last Goodbye; Mount Hope), but observing it from space via satellites just didn't do it. You, on the other hand, have now "done" it for me ... Thanks so much once again, you have no idea how you have blessed me. One final example: Today as I have been reading TLG, I have used the books "Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles" by Silvestri and "Chandlertown" by Thorpe as pictorial reference guide to the Mean Streets. Your web site, when I came across it tonight, have made these books practically obsolete in a split second. Thanks a million!"

Rong, Arnfinn. "Re: The Lost Goodbyes." E-mail to web master/author. 06 June 2007.

This retirement history project is such a great adventure that it has turned into "Shamus Town"©®.

Raymond Chandler's Shamus Town©®

Shamus Town is my history of Los Angeles built around the locations where the author Raymond Chandler lived, and the locations he wrote about, 1912-1946. To date I have collected over 1000 original color and black and white postcards and photographs. I have also taken over 3000 original photographs of the places Raymond Chandler lived and places mentioned in his fiction. I have also made time lapse videos of the car rides his fictional characters took, including Philip Marlowe. And, I've just started. There will be much more, including PodCasts, a new Chandler Mystery Map, a DVD and possibly a book.

However, there is more than just Shamus Town here, and not all of Shamus Town will fit on a web site! Originally it was just going to be a DVD based on Macromedia Flash. That was before Apple released the iPod. Everything changes, and so has Shamus Town. You will find the finished parts of the Shamus Town Project here.  You'll also find vintage panoramas, photo art, videos and maybe a few other surprises as well. And the best part - it will continue to grow and expand!

So stay tuned!

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